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This is a new patented high quality incontinence device. It is an external device: the patient himself places it.

It consists of a ring of soft medical approved material (USP class VI) with a flexible internal structure.

Uriclak® is placed around the penis, preventing the exit of urine.

It is an alternative treatment to avoid the side effects, discomfort and infections that cause drugs, diapers and urine collectors.

This device is manufactured in the European Union, according to European regulations and is registered in the United States FDA, with registration number 3010677079.

It's  different because:

- With Uriclak® the penis is always FIXED. The two top SEMICIRCLES of Uriclak® PREVENT THE URINE COMES OUT when the patient moves.

- Uriclak®  NO SHORTS BLOOD FLOW, leaving the two side corners free of the pressure.

- With its elongated bulge, Uriclak®  exerts pressure on the urethra, and not particularly on the penis.

- It has DISCREET color that is unseen in public urinals.

- Uriclak®  DOESN'T CONTAINS FOAM and doesn't absorbs moisture or odors.

- Uriclak®  hasn't sharp closures, being fully ROUNDED and SAFE.

- Very EASY TO USE. You will not have to remove it to urinate. You will not have open or close any difficult clasp. Simply squeeze inward.
The device will become circular, allowing you urinate.

- It is comfortable to hold and lightweight (only weighs 20 grams).


How Uriclak® is used?

- The device will open when you press with fingers inward. Then, Uriclak® can be placed around penis, centering it between the two superior circulars bumps.

- To urinate, also you have to press laterally with fingers. Although the device is not removed, it opens allowing urination without splashing.

- The device is controlled by cylinder sets of different thickness. The lower pressure will be achieved with thicker cylinders.

Who can use Uriclak®?

- It is especially recommended for men who suffer incontinence after prostate surgery.
- Older men can also use it when they do not control the involuntary leakage of urine.
- It can be used in cases of mental disabilty or severe disability, always under the direct supervision of another person.

What other recommendations exist to use Uriclak®?

-To provide more comfort to the device, we recommend using body milk.
-For night use we recommended thicker regulators.
-If surrounding hair exists in the placement of the device, it is recommended to remove it to avoid jerks.

Is it necessary medical prescription?

No, no prescription is needed.

Has this device any side effects or hurts?

Uriclak® doesn't produce any side effects. On rare occasion you may see redness or tenderness of the skin that will disappear soon.

Uriclak® will be totally comfortable only if you regulate it adequately. For lower pressure use thicker cylinders.

What are the contraindications?

Uriclak® is for adults only.

The use of this device in patients with severe spinal cord injuries or severe mental disability (functional incontinence) is not recommended, if not under the direct supervision of another person.

It is contraindicated in patients with overflow incontinence due to internal obstruction, although once the obstruction is resolved through surgical procedure, if incontinence persists, Uriclak® can help.

Read the instructions carefully before start using Uriclak®.

Can I use it at night?

Yes, no problem with the exception of severe o mental disability.
This penile clamp is enough flexible to allow an erection.
For a night use you need less pressure, so you can use thicker cylinders. Also, for increased comfort you can use moisturizer.

How many hours a day can I use Uriclak®?

You can use Uriclak® the time you feel comfortable. To avoid redness is recommended that you change the device position (forward or backward) each time you urinate.

How long has this bard an how to clean it?

Unlike any penile clamp, Uriclak® is long lasting.

Its duration will depend on the frequency of use and if the conditions of use of the instructions are respected.
(From 3 to 6 months with daily use).

For a device with DAILY use has duration of several months is essential:

-Avoid contact with water, clean with cotton moistened alcohol
-The internal structure mustn't be forced. The device mustn't be opened more than necessary for placement.

Can I use Uriclak® if I have small penis?

Yes. You can use it without regulators. You will not need them because it requires that the device exerts maximum pressure.
Even if the pressure is not enough, we recommend decreasing the aperture of the device with breathable hypoallergenic
tape as shown in the following picture.

We also recommed reducing the aperture of the device by pressing on the sides as indicated by the arrows in the picture.

Can I use this penile clamp for male incontinence if I have micropenis?

Yes, in addition to the above, you can use elastic at the ends of the device surrounding the hip / waist.

Can this device be detected in airports scanners?

Several tests authorized in official buildings has been practiced. The result has been that Uriclak® can be detected depending on the regulation of the scanners.

If regulation of a scanner is normal, Uriclak will not be detected. However, if the adjustment is highly sensitive, Uriclak®  will be detected. We therefore recommend,
especially at airports, the patient carry leaflet of instructions of Uriclak® .
Thus there will be no problem with security personnel as with other patients with prostheses, orthoses, pacemarkers etc.

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