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incontinence penile clamp device


Uriclak is an effective male incontinence device. Easy to use and comfortable.

The patient places it around the penis, preventing urine leakage.

It is an alternative solution to diapers, medicines and urine collectors for male urinary incontinence. Patients regain quality of life.

It is a device made of approved medical soft rubber (latex-free), with a flexible internal structure.

It's the best-selling high-quality incontinence clamp because it has NO CLASPS OR STRAPS, so you can urinate without splashing (URICLAK CAN BE OPENED AND CLOSED WITH JUST ONE HAND). It is the only one that is completely SOFT and FLEXIBLE.


  • It is the only one that has NO HARD POINTS that squeeze the urethra under the rubber coating.

  • THANKS TO ITS TWO TOP BULGES, THIS PENILE CLAMP DOES NOT SLIP, in contrast to oval shaped devices, or cunningham clamps. It remains effective and in position while you are active.



  • COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE AND SOFT urinary incontinence device: the only one without hard plastic parts or sharp clasps. Fully covered in soft medical grade rubber (latex-free).

  • THERE IS NO NEED TO DISASSEMBLE OR REMOVE IT TO URINATE. No clasps and no straps for splash-free urination. To open the device you only need to press on the side with your fingers.

  • Skin tone color, EXTREMELY DISCREET.


  • IT DOES NOT RESTRICT BLOOD CIRCULATION, because it is not a closed ring: it has two free lateral spaces.

  • It is of a single size, although IT IS ADJUSTABLE with regulating cylinders - pins that are inserted on the sides, to adapt to the anatomy of each patient. Most patients do not need to use regulating cylinders. The use of regulators is only for exceptional cases (thick penises), and the device is too tight (especially when it is new).

  • Uriclak FACILITATES THE REHABILITATION OF THE URINARY SPHINCTER because it stimulates the closing reflex. Its use is fully compatible with pelvic floor exercises indicated by health professionals to reduce or eliminate incontinence.


Who can use Uriclak?

It can be used by men  in any of the following cases:

1. Men in good physical and mental condition who do cannot control urine leakage.
2. Men with mild, moderate or severe stress incontinence as a result of prostate surgery.
3. Men with age incontinence (dribbling after urination).
4. Disabled men who cannot go to the bathroom by themselves, during times of diaper change or personal hygiene (though always under the direct supervision of another person).
5. Men who need to have a full bladder during radiation therapy.
6. Men who have transient incontinence caused by diagnostic tests or urethral catheters inserted through the urethra.

How to use this penile clamp?

- Press Uriclak with your fingers inwards to open the device. Then, the device is placed around the penis. The penis should be positioned centrally between the two upper semicircles.

- To urinate, you also have to press laterally with your fingers. The urethral clamp opens allowing you to urinate without splashing.

What are the other recommendations for us?

- If there is hair surrounding where it is fitted, it is recommended to remove this to avoid jerking.

- Cleaning: use only a moistened alcohol swab.

Has this external clamp any side effects?

This device doesn't produce any side effects. On rare occasions you may see redness or tenderness of the skin. This will disappear quickly.


What are the contraindications?

It is for adults only.

The use of this incontinence clamp in patients with severe spinal cord injuries or severe mental disability (functional incontinence) is not recommended, except the direct supervision of another person.

It is contraindicated in patients with overflow incontinence due to internal obstruction, although once the obstruction is removed by surgery, Uriclak can help, if incontinence persists,

Read the instructions carefully before starting to use it.

Is the device adjustable?

- Yes, the device pressure can be adjusted to adapt it to each patient's  anatomy.
- Uriclak will exert the maximum pressure to retain urine when used without regulators / pins.
- Regulators should only be used when the patient needs less pressure, because these open the penile clamp.

- For durability, it is recommended not to force its structure (not to open it more than necessary to fit it.

Can I use it at night?

Yes, no problem.  
This device is  flexible enough to allow for an erection.
For night use you need less pressure, so you must use thicker cylinders.

How many hours a day can I use the incontinence clamp?

You can use this incontinence clamp whenever you feel comfortable. To avoid redness is recommended that you change its position (forwards or backwards) each time you urinate (every 2 to 3 hours).

How long does it last and how to clean it?

Unlike other penile clamp, Uriclak is long-lasting.

Its life will depend on the frequency of use and whether the instructions are respected
(from 3 to 6 months with daily use).

For a device used with DAILY to last several months, it is essential to:

- Avoid contact with water, and clean it with a cotton swab moistened in alcohol

- Do not force the internal structure. The device should not be opened more than necessary to fit it.

Can I use it if I have a small penis?
Yes. You can use it without regulators. You will not need them because you will require the device to exert maximum pressure.
If the pressure is still insufficient, we recommend decreasing its aperture with breathable hypoallergenic tape, as shown in the following picture.

We also recommend reducing the aperture by pressing on the sides, as shown by the arrows in the picture.

Can this device be detected in airports scanners?

Several authorized tests have been conducted in official buildings. The results show that whether Uriclak can be detected depend on the scanner settings. For normal settings, this incontinence ring will not be detected. However, if the sensivity is very high, it  will be detected. We therefore recommend that the patient carry the instruction  leaflet, especially at airports.
In this his way, there should be no problem with security personnel, exactly as with other patients using prostheses, orthoses, pacemarkers etc.
Please carry the instruction leaflet, and you should have a smooth journey.

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Date: 02/10/2023

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