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Uriclak® inventor Pedro García Berruezo started to suffer from male urinary incontinence in 2005 following prostate cancer surgery. He found many available devices on the market were ineffective at controlling the leaks, and felt they were uncomfortable and difficult to use. He then began to design and started using Uriclak.

Three years later, Berruezo’s urologist Dr Jose Maria Ayllon Cañones encouraged him to patent Uriclak and make it available for other men suffering from urinary incontinence. The Spanish Agency for Patents and Trademarks (OEPM) granted the patent in 2010 and the serial production of Uriclak.

Uriclak® continues to deliver a comfortable and easy to use male urinary incontinence control device.

Uriclak® is available for individuals and companies.


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